Book of the Month (…of the year, really)

12 Apr


I was rooting around one of my many book piles looking for something worthwhile to read when I came across my copy of Camilla Morton’s A Year in High Heels. This book, coupled with How to Walk in High Heels (also from the same author), made me realize just how empowering it is to be a womanly woman who is self-sufficient at the same time.

I must have read the books thrice but I always learn something new every time. So, I thought I’d share what I will be reading in the next few months. This is not an overly long book but as the title suggests, it contains a yearlong supply of how-to’s, quotes, poems, suggested books, and snippets from diaries or letters written by noted individuals from the fashion industry.

I know that it is already April but I’ve finished reading the chapter for January and I’m now in the middle of February. I’ll keep reading until I’m up to date.

If you’ve read the books, please share your thoughts! Take care 🙂


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